Company History

SINCE 1999

S.N.I.F. Incorported, formerly known as K-9 For Kids, was originally started as a 501c3 Non-for-Profit organization in early 1998 by a Missouri Police Officer, Ryan Grey.  Ryan's plan was to offer diversion & interdiction services to enducational systems free of charge, however, a suitable operating budget was never obtained through donations.  In late 1999, Ryan and his wife Melissa decided to reorganize the company into a corporation and SNIF was born.  SNIF is an acronim for "Stopping Narcotics & Intercepting Firearms".  After introducing services to the Missouri public schools community, individual schools began incorporating the programs into there deterrency strategy.  In 2001, SNIF was awarded a 5 year contract providing explosive detection services to the US Department of Treasury, IRS.  This contract was extented for an additional 5 years due to our exceptional performance.  In addition, SNIF was awarded a similar contract with the US Army in 2009, which is still active today.  Other work has included private schools, correctional facilities and private industry.

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