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Only the best will do, that is why we select, develope and train only top tier candidates for our advanced contraband detection programs.  Our dogs have continously shown their unsurpassed ability to out perform other candidates when working in critical  environments demanding elite detection capabilities.  Our candidate's stature & busy attitude make them ideal for special deplyments; and their character and physical/mental stamina ensure performance reliability.   Imagin your canine partner being able to search every inch of a commercial vehicle, boat, warehouse, residence, etc. with pin point accurancy and record time.  Not to mention their enhanced sensativity to odor signatures directing them to source like a sonar.  Until you have witnessed a SNIF dog in action, you can't begin to understand their field effectivness and the detection/revenue resource they become.  




All law enforcement special groups (drug task force, commercial vehicle enforcement, interdiction teams, etc), school districts and industrial businesses should have one of these guys in their arsenal to combat contraband possession, smuggling and use.  Now let's look at the finacial advantages & user friendliness of a spaniel.  These guys can go directly into a handler's home and develope a safe relationship with the entire family, neighbors and strangers; reducing departmental liability.  They eat 1/3 the food and creat 1/3 the waste.  There is no need for an $1800 vehicle insert because they can be safely secured in the friont seat of any vehicle.  They are extremely healthy dogs and not prone to the genetic health issues surrounding the larger breeds and with a 8-10 year service life, they are very cost effective.  Combine these dogs with industry leading handler training and you have a world class team. 





Other Breeds Also Available....  

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